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Chrom Lipaza

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Uncontrolleable appetite? Chromium was born to help! Chromium controls insulin production and normalizes blood glucose levels, thus reducing overall hunger and various cravings for sweets.
Chromium contributes to normal carbohydrate metabolism and reducing appetite, thereby stabilizing your weight. Controls blood cholesterol level and prevents cardiovascular diseases.
Essential for athletes, white collar workers, anyone with a sweet tooth, and people with symptoms of diabetes.

Chromlipaza by Siberian Super Natural Sport
Upgrade from just chromium! 1 capsule contains:
– 0.24 mg easy-to-digest organic compound (chelate) of chromium, as picolinate
– Мomordica extract, which promotes lower blood sugar level
– Еleuterococcus and green tea extracts with tonifying effects, improving body resistance and reducing fatigue