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Moisturizing Face Gel Cream

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Enriched with an antioxidant formula of turmeric root and a honey moisturizing complex, this gel cream helps restore your skin's natural radiance! The cream provides ample moisture, improving your skin's tone and complexion. Light, melting texture quickly absorbs, providing comfort even for the oil-prone skin. The face skin looks well-rested and more youthful! 


  • Radiance and even skin tone
    Turmeric root extract awakens the radiance of the skin from deep inside.
  • Powerful moisturising and protection against dehydration
    Micro-oil technology reduces transepidermal water loss by 30%.
  • Incredible comfort for all skin types
    When the cream is applied to the skin, it turns into a light emulsion and quickly absorbs.

Skin youth, radiance, and comfort
Your flawless cosmetic discovery
Every woman wants to have an even complexion, smooth and shiny skin with a natural blush. However, the modern pace of life involving unbalanced nutrition (with an excess of sweets and fast carbs), poor ecology, oxygen deficiency and improper care products push your dreams away further and further…
An innovative series with turmeric extract and Experalta Aurum hydrating complex with Altay honey provides a solution: An antioxidant care product featuring a natural formula and comfortable texture prevents and replenishes water loss, returns natural radiance, young and fresh appearance to your skin!
When applied, the cream turns into a light emulsion, easily spreads upon skin, humidifies well and quickly absorbs without leaving a sticky sensation.

The alliance of science and nature

  • TEGO® Turmerone turmeric root extract
    An intense Indian spice, turmeric, has a powerful antioxidant effect reviving skin radiance, evening out the tone, and providing an anti-age effect. Due to high antioxidant content, it functions as a trap for free radicals catching up to 90%.
  • Natural formula
    A blend of natural oils and extracts enhanced moisturizing complex with Altai honey. It begins its work promptly by saturating skin with moisture and initiating rejuvenation and lifting effects.
     •   Altai honey
    A real treasury full of useful substances for your facial skin. It contains polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins and minerals as well as plant hormones, enzymes, and gluconic PHA acid. Honey can stop age-related changes, preserve your young skin, and prevent inflammations that accelerate ageing. Moreover, it helps create an invisible although dense protective layer on the skin to keep moisture and avoid dehydration issues. In addition, honey can absorb water from air like hyaluronic acid, and deliver it to skin cells. The component soothes any irritations and reduces inflammation risk. Due to the presence of flavonoids, honey also plays an important role in protecting skin from the sun thus preventing skin irritation.
     •   Sea-buckthorn extract
    Sea-buckthorn berries contain much more Vitamin C than, e.g. citrus. It is one of the most potent natural antioxidants. Sea-buckthorn prevents premature skin ageing, improves face complexion and skin tone.
     •   Baikal skullcap extract
    Improves skin ability to resist stress and aggressive environmental exposure.
     •   Rhodiola rosea extract
    Provides an anti-ageing effect, stimulates metabolism, improves skin protection functions and resistance to environmental exposure, and fills the body with vitamins.
  • Micro-oil technology
    Nano-emulsion with 30% complex of precious natural argan, meadowfoam, canola, sunflower, and rapeseed oils. It allows oils to quickly absorb and penetrate deeply into the epidermis thus reducing transepidermal water loss by 30%. Tiny emulsion molecules (only 120 nanometers) penetrate the epidermis faster and deeper than regular oil molecules; they are better spread on the skin, provide incredible comfort, lightness, and great absorption of a cream gel texture!

For whom?
- For those who want to return radiance and freshness to your skin;
- For those who seek a hydrating product for everyday care;
- For those who want to slow down ageing and skin decline;
- For those who prefer lighter textures of cosmetic products;
- For those who have oily or oil-prone skin.

Recommended use

Lightly massage a small amount of gel cream into a cleansed skin, in the morning and/or evening.
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Nadja M.
United States United States

After using this cream for 2 weeks, my skin already feels smoother and more nourished. This is a perfect night cream. It has a thicker consistency, but it absorbs fully into the skin and it has very regenerative quality to it. My skin loves it!

Viktoria .
United States United States
Good product at a good price

This is the 3rd cream I have bought . was so happy with the results I bought my mother one , She loves it too. She was skeptical because she has used Estee Lauder for over 30 yrs. It works better than time zone for a fraction of the cost. Try this you will be surprised

Allena G.
United States United States
Good product and good price

I love everything about this product and this company. I currently use 4 skin care products from this company twice daily. This is fantastic under makeup . If you are looking for products that improve all areas of concern this is for you. Check out all of their products. I also recommend this companies serums. I am 62 years old and I have been using this companies products for a year.The deep lines between my eyebrows is becoming less visible.

Greta D.
United States United States
Best cream for me

I don't usually like writing a review about a product I've used for a week but this is amazing. I already see a significant improvement in my skin. It is plumper, smoother, more even skin tone and less redness. If it's done all this in less than a week, I can't wait to see what I look like a month from now.

Caitlin F.
United States United States
This cream is awesome!!!

I'm 55 yrs old and my skin is a bit sensitive. Fortunately, I don't have a lot of wrinkles, but definitely noticing a few more "laugh" lines and forehead crinkles than I had a few years ago! I've tried several cream and have not been terribly impressed with any of them, until now. This stuff really is great -- incredibly hydrating without feeling greasy and it absorbs quickly. It feels great on my skin. In just a few short weeks, I definitely notice a improvement in my skin tone and less lines and wrinkles! Plus, the customer service is great -- I had questions when I first received the product and got follow up response immediately. I will definitely be ordering this product again -- I use it in the evening and morning.Very pleased!