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Moisturizing Eye Contour Cream

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The intensive formula with turmeric extract and a powerful moisturizing complex with Altai honey quickly refreshes the area around the eyes, filling it with moisture and protecting it from dehydration, smoothing fine lines. The skin looks more supple, smooth, and radiant


  • Instant and prolonged hydration
    Patch H2O complex – for targeted hydration
  • Radiance and even skin tone
    Turmeric root extract awakens the radiance of the skin from deep inside.
  • Anti-ageing effect
    The natural formula stimulates metabolic processes and protects the skin from negative environmental influence.

A radiant look full of beauty!
Splendid effect with Experalta Aurum
The delicate eye contour area skin early reveals age-related changes: Loss of radiance and elasticity, wrinkles and dull color.
Experalta Aurum, an innovative series with turmeric extract and Altai honey is the perfect solution: a super moisturizing eye contour cream instantly fills your skin with moisture and smooths fine lines. Special formula prevents moisture loss, improves skin tone and protects it against ageing, activating radiance from deep inside!

  • Powerful moisturizing
    The unique PatchH2O complex is intended for immediate or prolonged skin hydration at two levels: as a combination of hyaluronic acid, alginate, and polysaccharide (pullulan) creates a molecular grid on the skin charged with a potent hydration complex promoting its gradual release and penetration deeper into the epidermis.
    Altay honey, Vitamin E, and lecithin promote the strengthening of the protective skin barrier to prevent transepidermal water loss.
     •   Hydrating Patch H2O complex
    The super-hydrating Patch H2O complex is a combination of hyaluronic acid, alginate, and polysaccharide (pullulan) that creates a molecular grid on the skin charged with a potent hydration complex promoting its gradual release and penetration deeper into the epidermis.
    Immediate accumulating effect:
    Instant moisturizing in real time after 30 minutes
    48 hours of moisturizing after first application
    5 days – optimized hydrating capital
    Skin hydration for up to 5 days after application
     •   Hyaluronic acid.
    Creates an invisible layer on the skin to prevent water evaporation
    Improves skin structure, supports epidermis regeneration, reduces small wrinkles, and makes the skin smooth and tender.
     •   Alginate (complex of Laminaria, Fucus, Macrocystis algae)
    Regenerates, soothes, and hydrates skin, provides a bactericidal effect.
     •   Altay honey
    A real treasury full of useful substances for your facial skin. It contains polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins and minerals as well as plant hormones, enzymes, and gluconic PHA acidа.
    Honey can stop age-related changes, preserve your young skin, and prevent inflammations that accelerate ageing. Moreover, it helps create an invisible although dense protective layer on the skin to keep moisture and avoid dehydration issues. In addition, honey can absorb water from air like hyaluronic acid, and deliver it to skin cells.
    The component soothes any irritations and reduces inflammation risk. Due to the presence of flavonoids, honey also plays an important role in protecting skin from the sun thus preventing skin irritation.
     •   Vitamin Е (tocopherol)
    Antioxidant protecting skin cells against free radicals damage caused by UV radiation and other negative environmental factors (exhaust gases, tobacco smoke).
     •   Lecithin
    Restores protective functions of fading, damaged skin that requires nourishment, and provides an antioxidant protection.
  • Antioxidant effect
    TEGO® Turmerone (turmeric root extract) is a "trap" for free radicals (captures up to 90%). Vitamin C, sea-buckthorn, and Baikal skullcap increase protective skin properties and its ability to resist adverse environmental effects.
     •   TEGO® Turmerone turmeric root extract
    An intense Indian spice, turmeric, has a powerful antioxidant effect reviving skin radiance, evening out the tone, and providing an anti-age effect. Due to high antioxidant content, it functions as a trap for free radicals catching up to 90%.
     •   Vitamin C
    Vitamin C provides antioxidant protection, slightly brightens the skin, and promotes blood microcirculation.
  • Anti-ageing and mild lifting effects
    Pullulan contained in the hydration complex, rhodiola rosea extract and jojoba oil provide an anti-ageing effect, promote wrinkle-smoothing, and improve skin tightness and elasticity.
     •   Pullulan
    A plant polysaccharide that promotes visible skin lifting and smoothing to provide a lifting effect.
     •   Jojoba oil
    Forms a protective skin layer to protect from water loss. Aids in levelling wrinkles and removes skin dryness efficiently. Has a high concentration of amino acids (33%) resembling collagen, which promote skin healing and improved tightness.
     •   Rhodiola rosea extract
    Provides an anti-ageing effect, stimulates metabolism, improves skin protection functions and resistance to environmental exposure, and fills the body with vitamins.

For whom?
- For those who are concerned about wrinkles and uneven, dry skin around the eyes, weary glance;
- For those who are looking for an immediate solution to obtain a fresher and relaxed appearance;
- For those who are aware of the damage caused by UV radiation and polluted air and wish to protect the skin from premature ageing;
- For those who wish to improve the stress resistance of your skin and reduce its reactivity to external environmental factors;
- For those who wish to improve skin structure quality and even the contour.

Recommended use

Apply a small amount of cream onto clean skin around the eyes in light patting motions, in the morning and/or evening.
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Larisa L.
United States United States
enjoyed the product

I really enjoyed the product. You don't need to apply too much of it. It left my skin feeling smooth & refreshed

Eugenia G.
United States United States
doesn't leave a residue or oily feeling!

This comes in a cute little bottle that is easy to dispense .Great little moisturizer works well, soaks into the skin quickly and doesn't leave a residue or oily feeling!

United States United States
smooth and natural

Great coverage. Not much product needed daily. I haven’t been using this product very long, but so far I really like it. It’s not a very large bottle, but I only use a small amount daily

Olga G.
United States United States
Good bye baggy eyes

The eye cream works wonders!! I've used it for a week and notice a huge difference!! Good bye baggy eyes!