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Harness your sugar level
In 5 seconds a day with GLUCO Box!

Metabolic syndrome is not about you? Not ready to fight problems in the future or do you need support now? Staying active and healthy can be difficult, but now you have a reliable assistant!

GLUCO Box complex with chelated chromium, oat beta-glucans and plant extracts that stabilize blood sugar levels, helps normalize carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Bioactive components prevent the absorption of excess glucose and the formation of bad cholesterol, reduce excess insulin levels – the culprit of many serious chronic diseases.

Your metabolism is in your hands

3 in 1: Three effective formulas for maximum metabolic control

  • Total glucose control
    Two innovative extracts – ash tree (active ingredients – nuzhenides; Naturex, France) and apple tree (active ingredient – phloridzin; Roelmi HPC, Italy) – make GLUCO Box a modern assistant in the complex fight against metabolic syndrome. Nuzhenides and phloridzin block the absorption of excess glucose in the intestines and kidneys, and increase the sensitivity of cells to insulin and glucose. As a result, the body regains the ability to use glucose for muscle work.
  • Fighting insulin resistance
    Oat beta-glucans normalize the intestinal microflora, preventing additional glucose from entering the bloodstream, which can be formed during secondary digestion. Working as dietary fiber, the ingredient also reduces the rate at which fats and glucose are absorbed from the gut, which prevents dramatic fluctuations in sugar levels and insulin production. Oat beta-glucans prevent the development of cardiovascular problems by inhibiting the formation of bad cholesterol.
  • Metabolic activation
    Chelated chromium combined with extracts of eleutherococcus, green tea and momordica activates the utilization of glucose, reducing its level in the blood. This reduces the activity of the conversion of glucose into fat – the main cause of obesity and the development of cardiovascular problems. In addition, chromium effectively reduces appetite, helping fight excess weight, which is especially important in the correction of the body in older people.

For whom?
• For people over 30 years old
• For sweet tooths
• For the prevention of metabolic syndrome
• For people with unfavorable genetic history

Recommended use

1. Once a day
2. Take one pack
3. Take contents with a meal
Course duration: 1 month. If necessary, the course can be repeated.