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Immuno Box - Daily Box

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Complex body protection: organic immunostimulants, botanical antiseptics, and an organic adaptogen. Full body support during cold and flu season!


Comprehensive protection and body support during cold and flu season! Six powerful plant extracts, enhanced with zinc, have a pronounced strengthening effect on the whole body. They boost immune cell activity, increase their number and speed up the recovery process. Natural antiseptics create effective protection against infections and viruses and prevent diseases from developing. Natural adaptogen accelerates cellular renewal, has a pronounced tonifying effect, and increases the body's defenses.


  • Nature's immunostimulants
    At the core of IMMUNO Box: a unique ResistAid™ complex (Lonza in Germany), formulated with arabinogalactan and organic bio-active polyphenols.
    Arabinogalactan is a plant polysaccharide commonly found in coniferous plants. It's a precious component that ensures their high resistance to diseases and sharp temperature changes. The human immune system can recognize arabinogalactan and uses it as a signaling molecule. Meeting this substance, immune cells learn about bacteria penetration and dramatically increase antibacterial activity. As a source of soluble dietary fiber, arabinogalactan helps strengthen the immune system, improving the digestive tract and normalizing intestinal microflora.
    Zinc provides a significant strengthening effect on the entire body. It boosts immune cell activity, dramatically increases their number, as well as accelerates their renewal.
    Echinacea contributes to overall immune system strength and stimulates prompt immune response to pathogenic bacteria and viruses.
  • Group of plant antiseptics and anti-inflammatory herbs
    Sage leaf extract gives a general boost and eases appearance of inflammatory processes.
    Chamomile flower extract has an antiseptic effect on a wide range of pathogenic microflora and reduces severity of inflammatory reactions.
    Thyme extract delivers anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
    Plantain leaf extract relieves inflammation, possesses an antiseptic and expectorant effect, and eases mucus expulsion from the respiratory tract.
  • Natural adaptogens
    Ginseng root extract (ginsenosides) is a recognized bio-stimulator. Boosts immune response, increases immunoglobulin secretion, and improves adaptation to adverse environmental factors.
Recommended use

Adults take 1 pack a day with a meal.


Complex No. 1 (white capsule, 30 × 600 mg):
ascorbic acid, echinacea extract, zinc citrate.
Complex No. 2 (green capsule, 30 × 350 mg):
ResistAid™ larch arabinogalactan, ginseng root extract, plantain leaf extract.
Complex No. 3 (brown capsule, 30 × 350 mg):
ResistAid™ larch arabinogalactan, sage leaf extract, chamomile flower extract, thyme extract.
May contain traces of fish oil, soy, lactose, chitosan and glucosamine.

1 pack (3 capsules) contains

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 356,4 396**
Hydroxycinnamic acids (as chicory acid) 3,68 36,8
Zinc 24,8 206,7**
Ginsenosides 6,2 124**