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Luminous Ever Serum

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Perfect skin 24/7: The formula was developed with respect to circadian rhythms of skin providing targeted delivery of active ingredients at the right moment of time – for the proper functioning of the cells, for immediate transformation of the skin and for making it young.  The serum acts as a strong beneficial impulse, stimulates the skin which suffers from energy shortages and prepares it for the follow up care products. 


  • Works to the rhythm of your skin
    B-CIRCADIN™ is an innovative ingredient that regulates the rhythm of cell renewal depending on the time of day.
  • More radiance
    85% women have agreed that their skin has become more radiant.
  • The Nobel discovery
    The series is based on discovery of molecular mechanisms controlling circadian rhythms.

Unrivaled moisturizing power
Give your skin comfort and radiance

More than just a serum! Discover an essential step in care routine for any skin type! Aggressive environmental exposure and everyday cleansing may eventually damage the skin hydrolipidic mantle and weaken its barrier function. The skin becomes dehydrated, fragile, sensitive, and weakly susceptible to care products benefits.
Experalta Chronolong serum provides perfect moisturizing and protection, gives your skin softness, comfort and radiance every day! Innovative formula synchronizes the circadian rhythm of the skin and protects it from stress.

Experalta Chronolong expert range

  • Innovative components
    They affect density and micro-relief of skin in an integrated fashion. B-CIRCADIN™ controls rhythm of skin cell renewal depending on the time of the day which allows their restoration more efficiently every day. U-ACTIVE®REAL VERA moisturizes intensively. Biotin provides reduction in spider veins and strengthening of capillaries. Plant squalane supports skin elasticity, and prevents dullness and roughness.
  • Vitamin PP
    Improves skin barrier function, reduces transepidermal moisture loss, reduces reddening, and alleviates skin sensitivity. Promotes collagen synthesis, improves skin elasticity, reduces pigmentation and pores, and improves skin texture.
  • Plant extracts
    Natural components reliably protect the skin from harmful effects of contaminations by supporting an optimal moisturizing level.
  • Essential oils
    Composition of natural essential oils creates a delicate aroma and supplements sensations from cream application thus taking skin care routine to the new level of delight.

 • 35% better skin appearance
   Based on clinical research* of the product with B-CIRCADIN™ conducted by Laboratoire BIO-EC, France.
 • 85% participants noted a more radiant skin
   Based on clinical research* of the product with B-CIRCADIN™ conducted by Laboratoire BIO-EC, France.
 • 90% participants noted a fresher face complexion
   Based on data from Incospharm Corp. (Korea).
Research results are relevant for all products of the Experalta Chronolong series.

For whom?
For those who want to make time their ally in issues of skin beauty.
If you lack radiance
If you have a sensation of skin congestion, discomfort and have noted a network of fine wrinkles.
For those who have to stay up late, but look fresh and rested in the morning.
For those who can't imagine their life without a smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Recommended use

Apply in morning and/or in evening onto clean skin of face, neck and décolleté area with light patting movements. For targeted effect, use with Experalta Chronolong cream.