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Neurovision - Siberian Super Natural Nutrition

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An advanced supplement for active brain function and maintaining sharp vision: high dosages and maximum absorption.

Meet natural ingredients
Ingredients from leading European manufacturers with guaranteed quality and standardized content of active ingredients.

  • Incromega™ DHA, Croda, UK
    The source of the most important omega-3, being selectively accumulated in brain cells and the visual system. 114% of daily recommended intake!
  • Lonza LECITHIN, Switzerland
    Lecithin, derived from soybeans, is an essential component of brain cell membranes, which directly affects their normal functioning.
    •             strengthens the nervous system,
    •             serves as a building material for the membranes of brain cells and the sheath of neural tissue,
    •             activates cell renewal.
  • Finzelberg™ GINKGO BILOBA, Germany
    Standardized content of flavonol glycosides, which:
    •             help to improve memory,
    •             increase concentration and focus,
    •             improves cerebral blood flow.
    •             boosts brain cells resistance to the oxygen deficiency.
    •             protects from oxidative processes that lead to the brain aging.
  • Finzelberg™ GINSENG, Germany
    Standardized content of ginsenosides, which:
    •             possess high neuroprotective properties,
    •             improves blood circulation and nutrition of brain cells,
    •             activates intellectual performance.
  • DSM Nutritional LUTEIN AND ZEAXANTHIN, Switzerland and Spain
    is a natural filter that blocks ultraviolet radiation, protecting the visual cells from photodamage.
    •             Zeaxanthin, along with lutein, reduces photochemical damage caused by short-wave radiation from the visible part of the spectrum.
  • DSM Nutritional Beta-carotene, Spain
    Needed to support visual function, eye health and for antioxidant protection. Converts to vitamin A in the body.
  • WJR BLUEBERRY, Germany
    Standardized content of anthocyanins – powerful regulators of the functional state of vision organs, which:
    •             possess potent antioxidant properties,
    •             improve blood supply to the organs of vision,
    •             protect the lens from ultraviolet rays.

A ready-made solution in one pack.

A combination of the most effective components meant to rev up brain activity, boost attention span and protect eyesight from harmful radiation from electronic devices.
For those who are forced to work with a large amount of information and make quick and right decisions!

Recommended use

Adults take 1 pack once a day with a meal.